Packages and Pricing

Begin right now  to change your life, strengthen your marriage and understand you. I offer 3 programs that really work. No matter where you are or what your needs are there is a program for you. Each is designed to bring you closer to God, your spouse, peace and Sensational Sex!

1) God-Centered Sensational Sex 6-week Program(Private Sessions)-- $997

Behavioral retraining consisting of sensate focus (touching) exercises, communication exercises, mental reprograming and exercises.

  • It alters a previously destructive sexual system,
  • opportunity to make love freer and in more enjoyable ways,
  • resolve sexual conflict,
  • it stirs up unresolved conflicts and unconscious issues which can then be resolved and healed.
  • Benefits:

    Feel Sexually and physically confident

    Communicate effectively for ultimate sexual satisfaction

    No more suffering from good girl syndrome

    Cure Cold wife Hungry Dog

    Increase sex Drive

    Sexual curiosity is normal and responsiveness is inborn

​You will receive:

  1. A copy of Sensational Sex Was God's Idea?,
  2. A tailored 6 week private program.
  3. Comprehensive God-Centered Sensational Sex Program manual with Bonuses.
  4. 1- hour session a week (Husbands meet with us on weeks 1, 4, &7)
  5.  texting/email support
  6. In-depth strategy session for continued success.
  7. Graduation Certificate

2) God-Centered Sensational Sex 6-week Program(Group Sessions)-- $697

Just like the private sessions we will be using behavioral retraining consisting of sensate focus (touching) exercises, communication exercises and teaching exercises. You will enjoy the same instructions and benefits in an online group setting.

For 6 week we will meet in a Zoom conference meeting where we will have open discussions, Q & A, and develop a strong support system.

​You will receive:

  1. A copy of Sensational Sex Was God's Idea?,
  2. A group 6 week program with powerpoint presentations.
  3. Comprehensive God-Centered Sensational Sex Program manual with Bonuses
  4. 1- hour group session a week (Husbands meet with us on weeks 1, 4, & 7)
  5. Email Support
  6. Graduation Certificate

3) God-Centered Sensational Sex 6-week Program(DIY)-- $297

​With this program you can Do- It-Yourself- at home. 

​God-Centered Sensational Sex 6-week Program DIY program includes:

  1. A copy of Sensational Sex Was God's Idea?,
  2. Comprehensive God-Centered Sensational Sex Program manual with Bonuses
  3. Email Support

​To purchase the Do-It-Yourself Program visit:

4) PREPARING Yourself For God-Centered Sensational Sex 6 Part Audio-- $147

Not ready to jump in, yet? Need a little more encouragement or help to get you to the point of attempting God-Centered Sensational Sex? Then this one is for you?

With 6 audios I take you through the basics of Preparing yourself for God-Centered Sensational Sex through Prayer, Forgiveness, Love, Surrender, Enthusiasm and Commitment.

These Audios can stand alone or they are a perfect addition to my DIY Program.

​To purchase the 6 Part Audio Program visit:

******More Opportunities to Work With Jamilee******

Invite Jamilee McQuivey to Speak-(Contact for information on pricing)

Give your audience something to really get them excited!!

Christian writer and speaker, Jamilee McQuivey, will get people buzzing as she transforms, informs and UPgrades the negative ideas regarding God, sex and marriage. Her Transformational and hands-on workshop, “God Centered Sensational Sex”, will get women and couples talking, laughing while releasing mental/spiritual/physical blocks for a better marriage. Between the pages of her book Sensational Sex Was God’s Idea? she challenges the myths that commonly plague marriages and explains how to reunite and ignite passion back into to bedroom.

She firmly believes and addresses:

  • Why Christian marriages are failing because of bad sex or no sex.
  • Why Christian couples can and should have the BEST sex.
  • Why you don’t need therapy to have great sex. Bridging the gap.
  • How having kids can actually ramp up your sex life.
  • How to break out of Cold Wife, Hungry Hub Syndrome.

5) Transformational in-depth 4-week Program--$450

Do you experience depression, anxiety, bursts of anger, stress and/or difficulty sleeping? Have you experienced trauma or abuse?

Memories and emotions trap themselves very deep. So deep that they stay within our cellular memory. Using unique techniques and processes you can heal and free yourself. These brain based interventions are incredibly relaxing and gentle. Through guidance you will uncover the root of your stress and then be guided in resolving and neutralizing the emotions and cellular reactors reaching your highest potential. 

In just 4-6 hours you will move past old baggage that has kept you from experiencing and creating abundance in your life!

6) Couples Experiential WorkShops--(Contact for more info on pricing)

Are you avoiding, downplaying or not having sex? Do you want to have a relationship of communication and intimacy? In this fun and lighthearted workshop be prepared to laugh and learn. Never has the topic of sex been both entertaining, educational and revealing. It's time to ignite and unite your marriage today!

​Learn how to: 

* Identify and clear blocks holding you back from REAL intimacy

* How to use prayer and other powerful resources and exercises for God-Centered Sensational sex.

* How to communicate for Sensational Sex.

* ​How to go from avoiding to initiating sex. 

* Learn to strengthen your marriage while strengthening your relationship with God​.

Full or Half-day workshops available​

**Special pricing may be available upon request. Please contact Jamilee for more information.