About Transformational Intimacy Coach & Author

I’m Jamilee McQuivey, transformational Intimacy coach and author. I was raised by parents who actively taught me about the Savior and His teachings in a home where scripture and prayer were woven into my daily life. I’ve been happily married with 3 sons. I never thought that sex would become my favorite subject.

After years of hustling and having kids my desire to have sex waned and almost disappeared. I tried everything . I researched aphrodisiacs, hormonal testing and everything in between. Dodging the issue I hid behind busyness, church functions and children’s activities. But secretly I continued to search for answers.

And now I’ve discovered the secret to get women to want sex again. Even becoming the initiator! With my program you’ll soon be feeling confident and sexy. I know how to coach women to increase their sex drive, to receive intense sexual satisfaction, and ultimately revive intimacy within their own marriages.

I’ve blazed this trail. I’ve been there, done the work and am now ready to coach you! As a transformational coach I love working with Christian women who value God and marriage. Christian married women understand that keeping their lives God-Centered, especially in their sex lives, is paramount. Women who are intelligent and successful know that good girls do love sex.

I want to help you. My 6 week program is fun, convenient and formulated to get you off the couch and into bed.

Contact me right now to get started enjoying God-Centered Sensational Sex.

Email Jamilee Direct: jamilee@jamileemcquivey.com


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