Are you ready to have God Centered Sensational Sex?

Have you ever been told or felt...?

  • Like your broken
  • Sex is dirty
  • You shouldn't desire sex
  • Sex is not something to be enjoyed 
  • You "have" to have sex with your spouse even if you don't feel like it because your married
  • You shouldn't initiate Sex
  • You don't want to have sex

Do you struggle with...?

  • Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Betrayal or Infidelity in your Marriage
  • Addictions that are weakening your marriage and sex life
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of Intimacey
  • Your body NOT getting turned on

Do you want a relationship that is...?

  • Passionate
  • Sexually sensational and healthy
  • Thriving
  • Filled with Open Communication
  • Happy and fulfilling
  • Exciting
  • Affectionate
  • You can be the initiator

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Meet your Transformational Intimacy Coach

As a transformational intimacy coach and author I know the struggles women and even men go through when it comes to intimacy. There are many levels to God centered sex. As a Godly woman I never thought that sex would become my favorite subject. As a woman who has been married for.. I know..So together lets take you from blah to zing!


Jami's workshop was inspirational and motivating. Her class broke down issues holding me back as well as allowed me to see how capable I am. We made both long and short-term goals. The most valuable thing I learned was how to take responsibility for my part in life situation and how to deal with difficult and troubling situations. I still use my personal affirmation every morning, and love to look back at my life's purpose. This class will answer your most difficult questions and motivate you to lead the successful life you deserve!

Brittany Zimmerman

I thoroughly enjoyed Jami McQuivey's class, "The Art of Happiness." It was a great opportunity to take a moment out of my crazy schedule to reconnect with my purpose & to reevaluate specific areas of my life that I want to tweak or change. Jami was very kind & energetic & was willing to personalize the class to meet the needs of each of its participants. I would highly recommend her class to anyone.

Jeana Bokinskie

My experience with Jami was one of surprise at her maturity and professionalism as a teacher and example of self development principles. Extremely high preparation level, and yet fluid in her delivery and personal with us. I know she cares because she spent extra time after the event helping me with a deep concern in life. I still remember what she taught me that day.

Michael Smith

I've got to admit that I reluctantly went with my wife to Jami's work shop, but I was glad that I did. It was full of interesting demonstrations. It really made you think about the underlying problem and not just what you think is the issue. By figuring out the true problem, you can set goals to resolve it.

Justin Zimmerman

I went to Jami's first couple of workshops and was impressed with how well she kept her audience engaged. The mind exercise we did and what she shared was exactly what I needed to hear. I left with the confidence to be and to do my best.

Mr. Rogers

I loved the class I took from Jami! I have a hard time staying positive. She introduced me to new ideas and helped me have an actual plan to pick myself up and be more accountable. The Ideas she gave me were easily understood with her analogies and activities. I thought it would be hard to open up and be honest in a group setting, but it was casual and fun! I left feeling a renewal of my self-confidence and importance with a determination to do better. I would definitely take another class of hers!

Trina Busch